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About Collagen

As we age, collagen production within our skin starts slowing as early as your 20s. Collagen is the abundant protein found within our skin that provides structure, such as elasticity and volume. In addition to the natural aging process, collagen deteriorates as a result of damage caused from harmful UV rays.


How Needle-less Serum Works

Our Needle-less Serum effectively boosts and stimulates the collagen production within the skin, resulting in an increase in volume, which improves the laxity of the skin. This multi-active formula is composed of the industry-leading hyaluronic acid, which boosts the skin's natural moisture content, providing a "plumping" effect.

Aside from the hyaluronic acid, you will also find a specialized copper complex that naturally stimulates and promotes collagen production quickly and effectively.

In just two weeks of using the Needle-less Serum, our studies support an increase in volume by 190%. With Needle-less, you have the ability to turn back the hands of time by applying this serum twice daily to affected areas.

As always, DRMTLGY highly recommends the use of daily sun protection, in addition to an antioxidant, to combat free radicals and harmful UV rats that cause premature aging.



Needle-less Serum Advanced C E Ferulic Broad Spectrum SPF 45

 Needle-less Serum

 Advanced C E Ferulic

 Broad Spectrum 45