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What is collagen?

Collagen is the latest buzz - it can be found in smoothies, supplements, injections, topical products, etc. It's everywhere and for good reason.

Collagen is the substance that holds the body together by providing strength and structure. It's mainly found in the skin, bones, and connective tissue throughout the body. 

Being a skin care company, lets focus on the skin.



Different types of collagen

There are at least 16 different types of collagen, but 80 to 90 percent of them belong to types, I, II, and III. 

Collagen I and III are very similar in that they both support skin, muscles, bone health, hair health, and nail growth. Over 90% of the collagen in the body is made from these two types of collagen.

Collagen II makes up the fluids and function in the cartilage and joints.



The life cycle of collagen

Over time, collagen levels and production start to decline. Research has shown that after the age of 20, one percent less of collagen is produced in the dermis each year.*

Environmental factors and lifestyle choices also play a role in the degeneration of collagen. Smoking, UV rays, and pollution all play a factor in premature aging.

The aging process. Collagen breakdown as we age


Topical, non-toxic ways to boost collagen

Our Needle-less serum employs multiple revolutionary active ingredients to boost collagen and elastin levels within the skin. 

This multi-active formula is composed of the industry-leading hyaluronic acid, which boosts the skin's natural moisture content, providing a "plumping" effect.

Aside from the hyaluronic acid, you will also find a specialized copper complex that naturally stimulates and promotes collagen production quickly and effectively.

In just two weeks of using the Needle-less Serum, our studies support an increase in volume by 190%. With Needle-less, you have the ability to turn back the hands of time by applying this serum twice daily to affected areas.



Needle-less Serum Advanced C E Ferulic Broad Spectrum SPF 45

 Needle-less Serum

 Advanced C E Ferulic

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