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You have a collection of skincare products on your bathroom counter. Knowing which one to pick up first and use last can be extremely daunting. The steps below work for any basic or advanced skincare routine. Follow these steps and achieve incredible results!

Step One

Cleanse! All DRMTLGY cleansers are gentle enough to use in the morning and at night. Cleansers provide a multitude of benefits, but their main purpose is to clear the skin allowing skincare products to work more effectively. All skincare products will be less effective if your skin isn't clean and clear.

Step 2

Do you have a gentle, exfoliating scrub? If so, now is the time to use that. You don't want to use scrubs more than 3 times per week. Any more than that will cause irritation/over-exfoliation.

Step 3-?

This step cant be a multitude of different products: Your moisturizers, treatment products, serums, etc. Use these in the order of their consistency! You'll want to stick with the thinner products (more liquid) first and then move to the thicker consistencies (creams).

That's pretty much it!

For your morning routine, make sure to apply your SPF product last. Allow at least 20 minutes for the SPF to dry before applying any make up. 

The mystery of your skincare routine is now solved. We have a great collection of complete kits for many different skin objectives. These save you time, money, and are absolutely fantastic!



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