Posted by Samuel Raoof

Many of you may not know our birth story, so I am here to share it! We just celebrated our 19th anniversary! So yes, our company was "born" 19 years ago as a genuine solution-based company.

Our Founder and CEO grew up in the greater Los Angeles area as the son of a dermatologist. Being immersed in the world of dermatology, specifically aesthetics, he saw a need for genuinely transformative, superior private label products. As a result, you could find him answering the phones, filing charts, or selling products in the office from a young age. However, after years of trying different lines in his father's practice, the patients were still not satisfied. More importantly, by selling other branded lines, the practice was not getting the brand recognition it wanted to grow exponentially. Without private labeling, there is no brand recognition for the physician or practice. Remember, this was also before the days of social media, email marketing, website optimization, or any of the other tools available today that can help build a practice's reputation and presence.

In 2003, brandMD Skin Care's birth story began! The facility we started in was around 2,500 square feet (it was very cozy), but today we are proud to operate in a collective 200,000 square feet! As our company grew, we saw the needs shift and split the companies into two; brandMD Skin Care and Neutraderm Manufacturing (we will review their capabilities in another post). brandMD Skin Care's sole mission is to provide technology-based, medical-grade products for private label to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Because we started in the dermatology world, we have always remained loyal to that specialty. Today, we serve over 2,000 dermatologists and plastic surgeons to help partner with and provide exceptional formulas and complete turnkey private label services.

Cheers to celebrating our 19th year!